Daughters personal Journal from her mom? How much is Too much Info?

Melissa - posted on 09/09/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is currently 18 months old - Since she was born I have a Journal I write into for her about every 2 months or so. I plan on giving this book to her as a surprise when she is about 14 years old.

I update her for the first year about all the changes in language, words, walking, what she enjoys doing.

There is an entry about education and the importance, giving her a brief update of why I find it so important.

There is entrys about how much I love her and sometimes about our relationship at her certain age.

Now my question, her father and I are not together, I have full custody and took him to court, he see's her on Sundays and make my experience with him a living hell.

He puts me down, doesn't talk to me when I pick her or drop her off. Or bluntly tells me "FUCK OFF GOOF" once she is in his car.

Part of me wonders how much is too much info to share with her?

I have done every thing in my power to keep a relationship with her father and her -- when he sometimes abandoned completely for weeks.

I want to share with her the relationship I have with her father, not putting him down but being honest about it.

Do you think that's TOO MUCH INFO to share with a teenager?

My motive I suppose is to be honest with her so that she is aware just how much I invested in the relationship - yet what's the point?

I wonder?


Vicki - posted on 09/09/2012




I think keeping this journal is a very sweet thing to do for you daughter! Im not sure i agree with giving to her at 14 though I would on when she gets married or has her first child? Or maybe leave it to her when you pass?

As for writting things about her father, it is your journey at this very moment with her father and your feelinds are very real the feelings i would write about not so much the details

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