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my two daughter had a fight today one of them is 20 and the other is 12. The 12 year old has be saying nasty comments to the 20 year old for the past week. the 20 year doesn't say anything as she has enough stress in her life already. But, today she must have got to her breaking point because when the 12 year old hit her she hit her right back. They got into one really big fight. i told my 20 year old is shouldn't have hit her back. now I want to can the police come and take her ( I don't wait this to happen). But there is nothing I can do, as I can't take sides.


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User - posted on 12/28/2013




Why do you feel you need to call the police? That seems like siding with your 12 yo who sounds like she needs some discipline. As a parent, you HAVE to take sides, especially when a kid is wrong.

Jodi - posted on 12/27/2013




Why is your 12 year old hitting anyone? If your 12 year old is saying these nasty things to her sister, why are you allowing this? Why are there no consequences in place from you? You can't take sides? Are you KIDDING me? Sure, the 20 year old shouldn't have hit the 12 year old, but how is it taking sides if you do something about the 12 year old's attitude? Seriously, that girls needs some consequences to her actions. That isn't taking sides, that's called parenting a girl who is acting like a brat.

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