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I'm not sure which is better....would it be a home daycare or a daycare center??


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Richelle - posted on 02/09/2010




I have looked into it and talked to people. You should talk to the daycare/home daycare providers and see if they do background checks on their employees, how often they clean and how extensively, see if you can talk to other parents who have children there and see what they like/dislike about it. You should also see how many people per baby there are, if there is a seperate area for age groups (like an infant room, a toddler room, etc, just for safety purposes), and you should see what they teach the child if that is important to you. Some daycare centers have lesson plans and crafts for children which will prepare them for preschool and kindergarten and even teach them to read depending on their lessons. I think the best piece of advice I got tho, was wait until your child can talk at least moderately so they can tell you if they like it or not and if there is any fishy business going on there after you leave.

Tara - posted on 02/09/2010




I believe there are pros and cons to both as well.. At first when I went back to work a home daycare seemed to feel right to me.. because of the home like feel of everything, and the one on one attention with my little ones... but there is a few cons as well.. I personally (its rare) had a horrible experience with the home daycare. The daycare provider had an older teenage son who was there for a few hours out of the day once he would come home from school, and his room is where the kids took there naps, and sadly because he was a great kid an A+ student and wonderful with the kids know one would have expected foul play... but it turned out my son was molested by her teenage son, lucky thing was my son was 3 and able to communicate it to me so we could pull him out immediately... I feel that if he was at a "corporate" daycare that wouldnt have happened as easily because there are no closed doors, and adults are in and out so frequently there wouldnt have been a chance for that to happen behind a closed door! But i feel even though it is unlikely something like that would happen to others.. that its important to share my story so if you choose home care you can bring up the fact that you do not want your kids behind closed doors with anyone other than the provider them self.. and at an appropriate age teach children the fact that no one is supposed to touch them and they can and should always tell you about things like that NO MATTER what, and that they should never feel "bad" about it!

Jillena - posted on 02/09/2010




Well, I have been a childcare proivder in both, a center and at my own home. There are positives and negatives to both. In a Daycare center your child will be very sociable. They also can get sick alot easier! It is hard either way to find a good child care provider. I have worked in this industry for about 8 years and have found only a few that are there for the CHILDREN! You don't want a want a teacher. Someone who is there to teach your child and record milestones for you. It is hard to leave your child with anyone! If you do a home daycare, make sure they are licenced. That way you know they are following all regulations! Also that they are cpr and first aid certified. The positives to a home daycare is that your child will get lots of attention. Just make sure the area where they will be watched is seperate from living space. You don't want your child in front of the tv all day. Ask for progress reports and when you pick your child up ask what they did that day. No matter how old your child is they need one on one attenition. I am full of information on both home a centers, so if I didn't answer any questions please let me know! I would be happy to answer them!

Karen - posted on 02/09/2010




hi there karen! just to start off, i was a daycare teacher for five years and now have a home daycare for the past 5 years..if your child likes to have a lot of one on one attention or does not like to have a strict schedule then i would look into a home daycare - things are more flexable and less children mean more love and cuddles. However, if your child is vey social, likes to play without an adult all the time and likes to be around a lot of other people then a daycare is going to be better probably. I find very social children tend to get bored at a home daycare. Good luck in your decision!

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There are good things and bad things about both I think. I like home daycare because I feel that it's important for my daughter to bond with her daycare provider and there's consistency there, it's always the same person and she has more time to devote one on one with my daughter. There are only about 4 children at my daughter's daycare, and I like the idea of that more than there being tons of kids everywhere and workers that stay a few months and then leave. However, one of the detractors is that rules in home daycares don't seem to be as stictly followed (like allowing sick kids and whatnot) as they are in a daycare center. And if our daycare provider is sick, she closese for the day, so we have to stay home from work. I think that you just have to weigh what you think are important attributes to care for your child. Personally, I know my daycare provider and trust her to make sure my child is safe, that was especially important to me when she was an infant. As she has gotten older, I think the daycare center environment, more like a preschool as Stefani mentioned, is more appropriate.

Sharon - posted on 02/09/2010




it depends on the caregivers. In one case I preferred a center over a home care giver. Another time, I preferred the home care.

Melissa - posted on 02/09/2010




I think you should start looking at daycares, both in house and centers. When looking at centers you need to ask them how many people per baby. Many centers have 1/ 4-5 babies. That doesn't give them much time to interact with your baby, or any of the others, besides when changing diapers or feeding. So your baby may be sitting by itself most of the day. So I'd look for a center with a much smaller ratio for the babies. But if you go to an in home daycare, make sure you go check it out before committing. You need to see the circumstances, if your kid could have allergies to pets, if there is, or ever was, smoking in the house, if the daycare area is separate from the rest of the house, etc. Again, find out how many kids are there and weigh out the amount of attention your baby will get.

Centers will also put your baby on a changing schedule, changing poopy diapers usually immediately but changing wet ones only every 3-4 hours.

I am sure if you look up day care questionnaire in google, you will find a list of really good questions for interviewing a daycare.

User - posted on 02/09/2010




A home daycare is more likely to treat your children as a part of the family, while a daycare center is more like a pre-school.

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