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I have been working at a daycare center for nearly a year. There are many things that I have seen, especially in the last few months, that have disturbed me to the extent that I am now finding a sub as much as possible, and am unsure which venue to turn to as far as reporting. The director would be the obvious person to go to, but I have already done this with no luck. I work in the Preschool classroom, which is a part of the school district. In this classroom, I have witnessed behavior from the preschool teacher that is distressing to the students. At nap time, she will get so frustrated that she yanks a child from a sitting position down into a laying position, as they scream. She escalates behavior by telling the given child that they are acting like babies, they aren't ready for kindergarten, why can't they be more like (insert name of another kid who fell asleep like a good little girl/boy). She threatens to tell their mother (as though their mother would agree with this preschool "teacher"'s behavior towards their child). An it's not only when the children are sleeping that she acts like this, it is constant throughout the day. She is the definition of a bully. There are a few kids who don't eat much, and I have been witness to her holding their arms down an they scream and shoving food in their mouths. It disgusts me to listen to her and the other teachers talk about these children's parents, as though they have no idea how to raise their children. This teacher is young, 23, with no education in the field, but prior experience working with head start. She regularly violates our students autonomy, and I can't stand it anymore, it is simply a matter of writing a letter to the principle, but it is hard because it seems that she is good friends with the principal, and I do not want to have a target on my back, but I know that I can't continue to be so weak to allow this to continue. I have a Bachelors degree in psychology, and am far more qualified than this woman, yet simply being in the classroom with her terrifies me. I was bullied as a child, and can't help but think that bullying behavior is not only a result of parental behavior, but the behavior of teachers as well.


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Monique - posted on 07/16/2015




Reading this made me cry. Hi. I understand where you are coming from. Honestly, these children need a voice and Ms Lady you are that voice. If you don't feel comfortable with going to the principle, go over his/ her head. Have you ever tried to speak with this so called teacher? Probably not, I could just imagine how With no qualifications except past experience, no way, she must be friends with the principal. I would be the voice for the children. It is so wrong for that so called teacher to be treating the children like that. My three year old will start school in September and if she comes home and tells me that... I pray no one mistreats mines and if so I would hope there would be a voice to let it be known the mistreatment n abuse that is taking placing in the classroom. How dare do the teachers sit around and speak of the parents of their students. How unprofessional and just down right bias. I hope I was a little help. God bless you and those children.

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If you feel you can't go to the person who is running the centre then go to the school district if they are the governing body. You can also go to the police as these children are being abused and, as a parent, I would be furious if someone knew what was going on and did nothing. Are you able to get evidence of what she's doing?

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