Daycare forcing crying spells?

Jenny - posted on 01/11/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter just started daycare this week, and she is 6 months old. I have stayed at home with her since birth, so I knew her first week was going to be stressful for both of us. But I found out the very first day that she was left to cry for 40 minutes, and the 2nd day for 45 minutes straight. I was completely shocked and in tears for hours after I found out. Is this okay for her daycare to do, in order to "get her into a routine" as they say? Or is this too long to let her cry?

I just feel like it's a RIDICULOUS amount of time to let her cry, and when she cries it is because she needs something. And if she didn't stop after 10 minutes obviously her needs weren't met.


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Amy - posted on 01/12/2013




I can understand having to tend to another child so leaving her for a minute or two but anything more than that is crazy! She's 6 months old, she should know if she has a problem someone is going to respond to her this is just going to increase her separation anxiety when she gets to that stage of development. If it were me I'd pull her out immediately and start looking for anther daycare.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/12/2013




In my opinion, no that is neglect. You are paying them a service to take care of your baby. not institute the CIO method, especially if you do not believe in it. Seriously, find another daycare.

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