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i made the decision to pull all 3 of my girls out of our daycare we were using... it was a at home daycare but she kept talking days off and my kids never seemed to have fun anymore going.. and her children always seemed to be the ones who greated me and were taking care of them anytime we showed up to pick them up... anyways i paid her every 2 weeks for 2 weeks when i get my paycheck.. so i gave her my 2 weeks notice about withdrawing.. i ended on a week that would be the 1st week before my check (so she watched them for 1 week of the 2 weeks i normally pay) since monday she has been hounding me and threating more actions to get her 170 ( i owe her really 130 since she took a friday off) i never signed a contract with her.. and this saturday would be my usual pay day for her.. i was planning on paying her the 170 saturday like i usually would for the week she watched them... but now i dont know... the last week i picked the kids up 2 different days i walked up to them playing outside and her yelling at my oldest.. one for just repeating herself (shes 5 pretty typical) and the next day she told me my oldest broke her cellphone which my oldest responded no i didnt mia did... she has stuck to that story and that she didnt break it.. i have been having issues in general with the care i thought they were recieving which is why i took them out.. my question is do i pay her? report her? what... i mean i understand i owe her money... but then again i am very frustrated with how shes been towards us and i paid a whole week of her vacation...

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we never signed a contract with her , she never offered one... i paid her last night the full amount i owed her.. she actually had the nerve to tell me i owed her for another week even though she was not watching my kids... so frustrating.. another mom from there also pulled her child out because of issues like this... should i report her?

Amy - posted on 05/23/2013




I would also pay what you owe contract or not its the tight thing to do. You have legitimate reasons for pulling your kids out. Is there a reason you never signed a contract with her? Not that it matters the contract is a benefit to both parties.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/23/2013




I would pay her what you owe her and leave it at that. If your daughter did not break the phone, then she has no reason to tell you to pay for it. From what you tell me, i would have taken my kids out also. If she wants to take you to small claims court, it will be more money out of her pocket to try and get compensation for a phone your daughter did not even break.

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