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Shakira - posted on 12/06/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




OK so i have a 4 month old son, his father NEVER was around he never see his son, no one from his family seen him but his brother. His grandparents never seen him, im not sure if they even know about him its different stories. it hurts so bad knowing that they dont want anything to do with him. First his father would say he's gonna step up but does the complete opposite.I'm 19 years old doing everything by myself, my son father is 17. You would think he would be there due to the fact that his father wasnt in HIS life smh, i dont know what to do its like im practicly begging him to be in his life i just want to be able to just accept it and move on so i can be strong for my son :(


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Jacinta - posted on 12/06/2012




You cannot force him to be a part of your sons life,yes you would think that ALL men would step up and look after their child but they don't.Men can walk away and have that option where as us women don't really have that choice (not that I want it!)

You are both still quite young and especially his dad.He may just be scared that too much is expected of him,he might not know how to support you but he feels like he should or maybe he doesn't know how to be there for you and your son I don't know as I don't know him but that's just a guess.

Maybe he is just a dead beat that doesn't care about anyone apart from him and hay! He wouldn't be the first 17 year old in the world to be like that,as you may have matured in being so young with a child men don't get the maternal instinct and he may not want to be a part of our sons life,if that's the case your sons better off without him.

Your son will always have a mommy that loves him and tried to get his dad to be a part of his life but if you drag him and beg him to be there even when he doesn't want to be he isn't going to do anything an is going to be lousy,he's going to act like he doesn't want to be there and that will hurt you and your son more!

Hun you need to move on with your life and just worry about you and your baby! Your young and I'm sure there are plenty of good men that would love to be a part of your and your child's life that will be a good dad and make your son feel loved and wanted,also give him that make figure he needs!

Good luck,wish you and your son all the best!

America3437 - posted on 12/06/2012




Sorry to tell you but that's what happens when kids have kids! Go on with your life and forget about it. Him not being there is his loss and your probably better off without him.

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