dead bet dad wants to now fight for vistion what will happen ?

Jenny - posted on 02/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




i have a beutiful 17 month old daughter me and her father are going to court now he wants vistion i want sole cosdey and have a order protection on him n his mother . the thing is my whole pregancey he abused me verbaly he stated that he wanted me to abort her he would send me pics of abortion . he would tell me he should just kick me in the stomic throw me down stair pay me 5,000 to get ride of her .. when it came down to the last month we talked and he wanted to be there when she was born i believe children should have a father in there life so i also thought that him being 33 that he had a change of heart and wanted to be a father to his daughter .i called all night when i went into labor and called his mother . he was late and missed the birth of the baby because he was out drinking and gabbling . he signed the birth certifect and went on his was he went away 9 days after she was born he has not helped me suport her . he would come to my house drunk at 5 am waking her up . he also twice had us in the car while he made two drug deals which i got out of the car and toke a cab home . he wanted her to sleep at his house and all i asked was to just come up for coffee or just to drop her off to see that she was in a safe and clean place him and his mother never want me up there. i never told him he couldnt see her i just asked for him to show me he is responsable, reliable, and respectful to me and my daughter and he would be able to take her on his own and he just proved more why i shouldnt let him . we are now in court and he got arrested the police did not like how he has treated me in the passed and up to the date and took in there hands to arrest him now we are going to Integrated Domestic Violence court in new york where we live .. im just wondering him and his mother has gotten arrested for drugs in the past and i trully feel like they are not healthy for my daughter to be around .. what do you fellow mother think about this case please help me ease my mind ..


Jodi - posted on 02/17/2013




No-one here can say what a judge would decide, it depends on the sort of evidence you have for everything you tell us. However, at WORST case, you should push for supervised visitation. From what you tell me, it doesn't sound like he would be a particularly responsible parent, and may even put your child in harms' way if given the opportunity. So get yourself a lawyer (if you don't already have one), and make sure that if he DOES get visitation, it is supervised by an appropriate person.

Now, having said that, you cannot dictate that he must be respectful to YOU in order to see his daughter. His relationship with you is entirely separate to his relationship with his daughter, and you can't dictate his treatment of you.

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