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I am a single mum to a four month old
Baby And this Is my storyI started seeing is dad in December
2012 he came unto me straight away and then we started seeing each on a regular
We were really fun of each other and got on really well. He use to say why don't you
Let u get pregnant and I would just laugh. Eventually I fell pregnant for him when I told him he was like if u want to have the baby fine I will do what I can. I notice that he started acting different as he found out he didn't want to be supportive of me I got
Fed up with how he was treating me being pregnant and emotional I told him to just leave me alone. And from that day I haven't heard from him again he just abandon the baby and I. I went through my whole pregnacy and birth without his help I used to. Cry a lot when I was pregnant what he did to me was so hurtful
I feel it most for the baby and he look a lot
Like him this guy just work around the corner from where I live and it never cross is mind to call or visit how can someone be so wicked as any one else bin through the same thing and how did you deal with
It ? I would like your help on this thanks


Jodi - posted on 05/01/2014




You told him to leave you alone. He probably thought you meant it. In that time, have YOU approached HIM? Offered to him to visit his child? The avenues of communication work both ways, and as women, we are statistically better at it than men. Why don't you give that a try (without getting emotional and begging him, and getting clingy, etc, just a grown up offer to see his child).

From there, you should file for custody and child support too.

I would also just like to add that you never get pregnant FOR someone else. So please don't blame him that this was all for him. You made a choice here too.

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