Dealing with 13 teen year old boys

Sara - posted on 06/28/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is a great kids he is so loving and smart but he is a smart ass to me and his teachers. He talks back and he feels that if he is right or thinks hes right it needs to be known. He talks back and has been in trouble at school for this even sent home I talk with him I ground him I have taken away things put him in his room. And then it will get better for a little while but it always starts up again. He thinks kids need the same rules as adults and will fight with you about it. Like I said he greats good grades and is so sweet most of the time but I just dont know how to deal with when he gets mad and I feel like grounding him or keeping him in his room is not really helping anyone have an idea??? thanks


Louise - posted on 06/29/2012




Sit down with him and again tell him how to behave appropriately and the best way to state his case. Then tell him what is going to happen if he is rude or backchats any of his peers. He will be grounded for four days to his room and also have a tv and computer ban during this time. If he really wants to express his view then he can write a letter!

4 days without technology at home is a long time and it will teach him quickly that being a smart arse is not a good idea. Always give him the full 4 days because if you give in it will not have the same affect. I think I had to do this twice with my elder son before he got the message that he had to show respect to his elders. If he does write a letter (which I doubt) then you must answer it fairly.

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