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Veronica - posted on 02/24/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I was recently talking to my son's teacher and she gave an example..." you know you are so lucky u didn't have me as a teacher in the other state I thought in it was so much more difficult the work was a lot harder and it was a lot different. You are so lucky u have it easier here and your lucky I don't grade papers. My son is only seven. And struggles with school. Is this belittling a child?or am I wrong.


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/25/2015




since this comment was out of the original context of the conversation, no one will be able to tell if she was being insulting, or if she was trying to point out differences in school systems.

If you feel she was insulting you or your son, pursue it with the school officials.

Jill - posted on 02/24/2015




I'm not sure if she was belittling your son. Was she having a bad day? Was she referring to his overall behavior or just a specific incident? What papers is she referring to? I have trouble imagining a 7-year-old writing a paper that needs to be graded. What grade did she teach in the other state? Was it older kids? When she says, "It is easier here", does she mean the curriculum is easier or the behavior management rules or what? Her comment seems very vague. I am not sure she wasn't just having a bad day.

However, if you think she is picking on your son or treating him inappropriately on an ongoing basis, then I recommend you keep a detailed journal of these comments and events so you can see if there is a pattern over time. If the comments get more specific or worse, then you will have a record of the teacher's behavior and you will be much more able to approach the school principal or the school board for assistance. Good luck!

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