dealing with a difficult almost step daughter.

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Need advice on dealing with a unique situation . Been with my boyfriend for 3 years, I have a daughter and he has a daughter both 8 we have known each other from daycare since kids were 3 yrs old so they have been in each other lives for a long time. We all live together in which I use to watch his daughter all the time and all of a sudden she has started not wanting to stay tge night at our house any longer she has been only wanting to stay with her mom, in my opinion his daughter is over dramatic , very bossy and everything has to be her way only on anything. She is argumentive on everything I say to her even if I get onto her for something and always talking back and now I feel she doesn't want to come back to the house because I yell at her all the time.


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No not yelling all the time but when I do tell her to do something or clean the room everything is an argument, everything. . She will even do something I ask her not to do while I'm watching her do it and say I didn't do it, I will say I'm a going to call your dad and she will say so I don't care and she will tell him that she swears she didn't do it even tho I just watched her. It's very frustrating. Like I said there is always a dispute of some sort and just don't know how to handle it, I did the whole time out in her room for 15 min and all she does is go in there screaming and crying. ..not sure what else might work.

Dove - posted on 12/15/2014




Are you yelling at her all the time? While it is very easy to get frustrated and yell it is not the appropriate way to deal w/ any situation. It takes two to argue. Perhaps you can not engage in her argument and just walk away. Remove the fuel from her fire and it may fizzle out quicker.

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