Dealing with a diifucult ex

Reyna - posted on 10/11/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter dad left me when was three months pregnant and to make matters worse he was my co worker. He then had another girlfreind and an ex girlfriend at our job. Including having a affair with his married co worker. He did nothing durning the pregnancy he never went to one appointment or ask if the baby was ok. When she was born he wanted to take her from my home and I said no. Two weeks later I was served with court papers by his then girlfriends friend. That started a long and nasty custody battle. When my daughter was 9 months old he meet a woman who wanted to take control. She came to all my exchanges, she tried to put a restraining order against me and made several remarks that she was my daughters mother. He married this woman and things only got worse. This woman has a child of her own and one with my daughters dad. My daughter is now five and she wants to be able to exchange my daughter with me by herself, she goes and volunteers in my daughters class, she refers to herself as the mother at doctor and dentist appointment, including to teachers and school personal. In court she makes up lies about me and does not want my daughter father to have any communication with me regarding our daughter. She wants me to talk to her about exchanges, or time changes. My daughters father and his wife are extremely rude to me and have called me horrible name like idiot, ugly and even infront of my daughter calls me names. I need advice on how to handel and deal with them. I have tried everything but it seems to get me no where. I don't speak to him or her and I often have a family member pick up my child from my exchange. More recently we have vacation time that is called and when he calls his he demands or daughter on these days and times. When its my turn he dosent want to follow the court order. Which makes matters worse is that when I called the police they are no help because he is in corrections. I feel like he gets away with everything including one Halloween not bringing her to me when the cout order specificly said it was my day. I filed a police report and nothing happend to him. If anyone has any advice for me it would be helpful. I have been going through this for five years and don't want to have this drama for the next thirteen years.

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