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I am a grandmom. I remember bringing up my two sons with utmost ease. They were naughty at times in their own way but obedient and disciplined. I cannot describe the pleasure I had in bringing up my two sons who have an age difference of five years between them. They were both toilet trained by the time they were one year old, never through food around, never spoilt their toys and books or any of their belongings. I did not have to make any special effort for that. I was a very active mother. I did all my house work, my cooking and went frequently out for rehearsals in music, dance and dramatics. Even after decades, their toys and books, building blocks and lego toys are intact. In fact, my first nursery book bought 56 years away is with me with all its pages intact!!!
I have a very cute two and a half year old grandson who has begun to speak quite a bit and has a very sharp memory like his Dad and picks up anything taught at home or in play school with great ease.
He troubles a lot while eating and eats only a few things mashed and made into a broth. He drinks some milk. He does not want to taste anything else. He is very stubborn and although friendly wishes to be carried by his mother(my d-i-l) all the time making it very difficult for her to do any work. They make him eat anywhere on the carpet or on the sofa or on the bed but not at the dining table. His other set of grandparents come every second day and always carry him around saying he is a baby! I am told that he does his potty standing on the bathroom floor and not sitting on the toilet seat. He is such a sweet child but has got into the bad habit of throwing his puzzles, alphabets and numbers, toys and all his books all ovet the floor in the house as soon as he finishes solving or reafing them respectively.
I agree he is a small child but I am shocked to see these indisciplined ways in my grandson. I am afraid that if this is not checked on time, he can grow up continuing to have these indisciplined habits.
My mother taught me to be disciplined and I taught my sons. The stick and harsh words were never used. Now, I am a little upset to see this new generation and a tad worried too.


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You can't control the way your son and DIL are raising their child.
I agree with you though and he should be eating food that everyone else eats, not pureed or in a broth at 2!!! He should also be encouraged to at least try everything on his plate (and given everything that is offered).
He also shouldn't be carried around, he's over 2!!!
But like I said, you can't control how they raise their child.

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