Dealing with a roudy two year old

Christine Elizabeth - posted on 12/30/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is two and she tears up anything she can get her hands on. My daughter erratates me to the fullest. At one she blinded me in my right eye.and I cant see out of it still. I bust her butt, I also take away her favorite toys, I take her movies, and whatever that should make a point and I still get nowhere


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When my son was that age last year, he did that some times. For instance, he would throw food on the floor. I made him sit there until he picked up the items. I gave him a cup or bag or bowl to put them in. If he got up i sat him back down on the floor by the incident. Finally he he would give in. I think persistance and consistancy helps a lot.

Ariana - posted on 12/31/2012




That type of punishment won't work for a two year old. Especially taking things away like her favourite toys etc, she's not old enough to understand the connection.

Now if it's a toy she's thrown or broken etc. taking that away is a connection, but taking away her movie because she tore something else up will not make sense to a two year old and have no connection.

First I would try to take anything that's easily torn up or that you really need as far away from her hands as possible. Try to keep the opportunity to do damage as minimul as possible. Just like Stephanie said if she does something like that give her a time-out.

Try to relate the consequence to the behavior. So if she's Hitting you or something tell her you don't sttay near people who hit and either leave or put her in her room, or if you warn her to stop and she doesn't give her a time out. I'm not sure what other behaviors you're dealing with but just try to be calm when dealing with her (which of course is always easier said than done). Whatever you do it has to be something that happens within a minute of whatever she's done and has to relate to her RIGHT NOW.

Stephanie - posted on 12/31/2012




Hitting and punishing may be making her behavior worse. I have a rowdy two year old too. He also rips things and likes to push things off tables. I do gentle time outs with him, like I saw on supernanny. Joe Frost is her name and she has a good web site about patience and dealing with frustrating toddlers. Give her real attention and love and hugs. Even in bursts I find it makes my boy easier, and me more relaxed.

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