Dealing with a Step Mother

Emily - posted on 05/31/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi I am a mother to a 7 year old little girl and feel stuck. I share custody of my daughter with her Father, me being the primary and I have full legal custody. The last couple of weeks my daughter has been coming home telling me that she is hurt because her and her brother rough play. She has been tripped, slapped in the face, punched in the eye, and pinched on her face last night which left a mark on her face. Well last night drew the last straw for me and I texted her father stating that to please watch how the kids rough play as I do not appreciate my daughter getting slapped, hit, or punched in the face by any boy regardless of play or not. I do not let her play with children like that and do not appreciate it. So then about 10 minutes later I get a text saying its her brother and she likes to play like that with him and when they see them being too rough they say something. Then literally right after, I get a phone call from my daughters step mother from my daughters dads phone saying that I'm a bitch, an unfit parent, that I am harassing them and just completely degrading me as a mother right as I am with my daughter. I just ended up hanging up and letting her know that I was recording her. According to her, she feel this is okay and that I am harassing them and their son because I am telling my daughters father my concerns as a parent. I must add that I never talk to her, call her, text her, or anything for that matter. I am just at a lost and this type of situation devastates me because I feel like as a mother I can only do so much to protect my daughter when she goes to her fathers home. Any advice? I have taken pictures of the mark on her face. What would you do?

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