dealing with bipolar son and husband?


Jennifer - posted on 01/04/2009




As someone who suffers from Bipolar II disorder I totally agree with diets full of omega3s and B complex and lots of veggies. Take meds at exact time each day, get plenty of rest and try to have a routine of some sorts. There is also a behavior modification program called Love and Logic that could help you out. It is kinda like the Super Nanny with modifications for kids with "issues". As a special needs teacher I use it all the time. Something for the standing in line might be one of those keychains with those bumpy rubber critters on it. When he feels like he is getting hyper have him rub on the critter with his hands. It gives him a chance to one focus on something other than the dumb line and second a way to get rid of that extra energy. I have placed one on the belt loops of some of my ADHD kids and it really works. I find myself playing with my necklace when I get that antsy feeling. For his desk at school they make these Pilates mats that are bumpy all over. They are round like a big pancake. You put them in the kids chair and they sit on it. It provides stimulation points for that extra anxious energy to be released.

Another thing is to create jobs for them. I have my librarian working with me. If I send a special colored library pass with this certain kid then she knows he needs a break out of the room. She simply has a book that she checks out to me for him to bring back. Sometimes just the change helps. Another thing I would make sure of is if you do have a medical diagnosis then get him on an IEP or Individual Educational Plan. Then you have legal rights and they can NOT kick him out of school. You will have to push for it as schools don't readily give you that information. The doctor will have to fill out a form for you. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions. The better informed you are the better you will be able to handle it all.

Jenn from Oklahoma

Anna - posted on 01/02/2009




Hi, Dealing with bipolar is very difficult! I know all too well! I have Adhd, Bipolar, depression, anxiety! My husband is bipolar, depression anxiety, I have a 14 yr old son with bipolar, adhd, anxiety! I have a 17yr old step daughter with bipolar, anxiety, add... it can be very trying and very frustrating. My 14 yr old has not been on any meds since he was in 5th grade as he's refused, he is in 9th grade now, and now is ready to give it a try again! We are waiting for his appointment now!

Hang in there! There are good day's and bad day's (which I'm sure you already know all to well!)

Keep in touch....feel free to ask any questions, or just vent! Anytime!


Kelly - posted on 12/31/2008




All i can say is hang in there. Take it one day at a time. I have three bipolars in my family right now. My hubby, my 7 year old son and my 5 year old daughter. My daugther has already been hospitalized three times since she was three years old. Some days i just want to hide but somehow i find strength. A good psychatrist helps so much. It took us three years to find one for my kids since they are on medicaid and i was about to pay the 200 a hour to get them in one before i found the one i have.

Food and exercise are a must. We do use the omega and fish oil along with prescription meds and it makes a difference. Any time we are out of routine we expect alot of meltdowns. Take you time or you will be no good for any of your family members.


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Heidi - posted on 08/16/2012




I'm not sure anyone still follows this it has been a while since the last post. My life has been in a tailspin since my husband's best friend passed away in December. Since then my teenage son has been diagnosed with bipolar and I think my husband would be too, if he would get some help. Sometimes, I feel like I'm hanging on by a thread. People say "it could always be worse" and I understand that, but it makes me feel worse. I just feel like this is never going to get better and I'm afraid of it getting worse. Some days I feel like walking away, leaving everything traceable behind, and leaving with the clothes on my back.....but I know that won't help. Did anyone else ever feel like this or think of it? I'm not usually weak and they say God doesn't give you any more than you can handle, but I'm feeling this.

Mary - posted on 01/04/2009




My sister's soon to be ex-husband and their 18 year old son are both bipolar. I can only imagine the level of stress you and she must go through on a daily basis. I know my sister visits a ton of sites she found via NIMH. In fact, the bipolar is a major reason behind my sister's divorce. My brother-in-law refuses to take any medication (he stopped all meds when he got out of the Navy) and has exhibited some abhorant behavior (alcoholism, affairs, etc.) during his summer manic phases. He, also, tells their son that he doesn't need to take his meds - but because my nephew sees first hand how his father's behavior affects everyone else in the family, my nephew takes his religiously.

Wishing you strength to get through the days...


Kathy - posted on 01/02/2009




I understand what you are going through as my husband is bipolar and well my daughters not but she is mentally challenged and I really don't know how I make it through some days. I was online and found a website called daily strength it has all sorts of support groups on there, one especially for people like our selves dealing with these things day to day.

Amy - posted on 12/31/2008





I am mom of a 12 yr old bipolar son along with many other issues.i know how tuff it is.My son is now on 4mg of resperidol a day and 20 mg of buspar a day.before the change of meds he was unbearable.My hair fell out and I was so very stressed and I have 3 other children too.You need to find all the suppor tyou possibly can the more who understand the better.

I have found this med works great and this is the second time he has been on it,beofre is it was 18 months then he went on new ones that didn't then his old meds were upped.

You need to find a good dr that will listen to you,video tape their episodes.make sure you get outside alot.make sure you have something to do besides always taking care of them...

[deleted account]

Wow, my son is adhd and bipolar and I can barely deal w/ that! We have been getting the run around w/ getting him on meds. His pediatrician sent us to a child specialist and then the specialist sent us to another specialist! Each of these take 6-8 weeks to even get into. He's in kindergarten and already on the verge of getting kicked out of school! He's a good kid, he just has problems sitting still and remembering all the rules (no throwing snow balls, stand in a straight line, etc.). It's flustering the way we keep getting the run around and we can't seem to find a school that has the staffing or programming to deal w/ any 'special needs' child. It seems like you have to be completely mentally handicapped or 'normal' in order to fit into the school system.

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Adina - posted on 12/31/2008




Living with ONE of us is a LOT....two is WOW! Regular exersise (30 minutes a day really help---walk 15 minutes in a direction and back again) everyone will be calm after that. I'm 43 now, and have calmed down a whole lot. What one eats or doesn't eat is real important too. More veggies and fruit...less processed foods and meat. A big bowl of oatmeal in the morning can be settling too.

[deleted account]

Hello Karen, My mom works in the nutrition field and has alot of friends that deal with Bi Polor and Other illnesses. From a natural aspect I would definitely recommend adding fish oils like Omega 3 and B50 or B100 to help balance their moods. These are also good for everyone to add to their vitamin regimen on a daily basis. I will look at the website for more suppliments.

Erica - posted on 12/31/2008




Check out the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance ( for support groups near you. Many times there are support groups for people with bipolar disorder as well as loved ones of people with bipolar disorder. I volunteer for the organization.

Otherwise, what specific problems are you having?

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