Dealing with Ex - what a headache. No child support so I'm seeking full legal custody; need some advice.

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My ex hasn't paid child support since we separated. On our divorce docs, he was supposed to start paying in Nov. 2013. But since we didn't get out of our house till May 2014, I was ok with starting it in May 2014. He has not paid a single cent and thinks that whatever he spends on the kids when he's with them counts as child support. I didn't go through the Agency because I thought we'd be civil enough to deal with it (I was wrong!). There is an account that is set up for it that he should be depositing the money into. Our docs also state that he gets to claim our daughter on his taxes. I don't think it's fair that he claims her because he doesn't provide financially for them. I want to file for full legal custody and modify our docs to claim both kids. How do I go about doing that without formal documentation?


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Jodi - posted on 04/02/2015




Not receiving child support is not a reason to seek full legal custody. Child support and custody are two totally separate issues and are generally treated separately by the court. If you have an issue with him not paying, you need to go through the Agency - you've made it clear that you didn't go through the agency because you thought you could deal with it, well clearly it hasn't worked, so time to do it the other way.

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You can't. Get an attorney, take the correct legal route

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