dealing with my husband (stepdad) and my 15 yr old son.

Lissette - posted on 03/04/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




At the beginning everything was ok. No problems the first year son was 13 at the time. It all changed when he turned 14,dealing with teenage tantrums,attitude, well what teens go through. I know I have treated my son with too much love that I give him what he wants when I can. He's my first born and he went through a tough time with me being a single mom since he was 8months. But after second marriage failed and a lil sister and again single mom for another 5yrs. Met my husband and we'll here we are 3 yrs together. It all started about money. If I buy my son new shoes or clothes husband gets mad. He says my son is taking advantage of me. I understood the part when punishing him by not getting what he wants when he misbehaves. But now that he is in high school and in the lacrosse team,momma needs to buy the equipment. Husband just recently bought an IPad found out I purchased my son gloves he got mad at me,then saw the hoodie they were selling for the team,he got even madder. "Next it's his shoes right?" So I said......"well why does it bother you what I buy him,he's my son I buy him what he needs,anyways its for sports just like you did when you used to play soccer,anyways it didn't bother you spending money on your ipad!" And by money I'm referring to money from joint account that basically is money from my taxes. I just feel that between them there's always this friction. My son tries to get along but it seems like my husband hates him. I can't stand it.


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Jodi - posted on 03/04/2015




Giving a child everything they want is NOT love. That's where your mistake is - you have taught your child that in order to demonstrate love you must buy them what they want. This is not the case. Your husband is right, your son is taking advantage of you if you are buying him what he wants. Maybe now that he is 15 it is time to encourage your son to start earning his own money and learning the value of money.

My son is 17 and he has been buying things he "wants" since he was 15 and got himself a part time job. I buy him the things that are necessities, but it is time for him to experience some real life - our job as parents is to prepare them for that. You don't appear to be doing that.

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