Dealing with Step Daughters Mom and her lack of participation

Katie - posted on 10/04/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My soon step daughter to be is going through something difficult times right now. I am doing my best to be support her, listen to her and encourage her ... however she feels as if her Mom doesn't have time for her, pushes her away, doesn't pay attention to her ... she went as far as to tell me that she knows her Mom doesn't care cause she doesn't come to my games... and she occasionally doesn't take her to her practices cause she doesn't feel like it.

I am doing my best to support her and not have her feeling down when she is with us... is this common?


Wendy - posted on 10/04/2013




Hi I have a 10yr old step-daughter (she was 2, when I met my husband), She's somewhat in the same situation, her mom doesn't pay as much attention as she should, and worries more about herself, than her own daughter! How can she or any mother be like that, I have no idea, because my son comes first, before myself! The only difference is that it doesn't affect my step daughters feeling a lot, I think because her dad (my husband) is an amazing dad, and between him and myself we give her plenty of attention and love! She does say things about why her mom, is not a mom like me! I just tell her, every mom has a different mentality, and unfortunately her mom and myself have a different way of parenting. Just really sucks, but all you can do is be there for her, and let her know, that you are sorry her mom is the way she is, but if she ever needs you, you are there for her. I do a lot for my step daughter, things her mom should be doing, and I don't mind, it just sucks that her mom doesn't either! But good luck! Make sure she feels love by you and her dad even when she's not with you! Like a phone call, just to check what she's doing. Some chocolate deliveries (edible arrangements), because you are thinking of her. :)

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