Dealing with the children who ignore you

Melanie - posted on 10/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm a working mom with a 16yoa dtr and 11 yoa son. Both children have chores and daily responsibilities. And yet at this age, neither will complete there assigned duties without constant struggles and reminders. Neither one will get themselves up to an alarm clock. Both my husband and I are baffled, at their age, we were latch key kids, got our selves to school and were able to stay out of trouble. How do you encourage your children to take responsibility seriously and stay committed to things they start?


Michelle - posted on 10/12/2013




Take away what they treasure most. Let them sleep through their alarm and then have to explain why they are late for school.
Ban them from the internet or take away their technology until their chores are done. If they complain then it will be taken away for longer. Make sure they go to bed early enough to be able to get up to the alarm. Don't have the alarm right beside the bed. Have it on the other side of the room so when it goes off they have to get up to turn it off.

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