Dealing with the Ex!

Cheryl - posted on 04/01/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




We all know we have to experience trial & errors in life, but dealing with a very immature ex is now a 'comedy".....but how do you deal with in the future if she continues to "poke" at everything? Theres nothing like dealing with an ex that is super jealous of our new family, instills stuff into the kids heads now that they are teenagers, & list goes on and on. There's a point in life one needs to grow up and act like an adult and be the best role model they can be. I, as stepmom do so much for my stepkids, and then some like they are my own, and she doesn't accept that. So, her ways of creatin more issues for my husband (her ex), is to try and mingle her way back in to the family circle when they truly can't stand her. She blames me for not being able to go over there and visit, she blames me for any issues with the kids, so there is def a pattern....jealousy and can't get grip on her own life. She's very insecure and has a very lonely, dark life. & why would you attend a funeral of an ex grandmother that you barely knew? answer: kids as excuse to make her appearance and feel her way back in the family. While we(I ) go and act norm, like an adult and just smile : )

what to do with these jealous exes!!! I laugh because I have such a great relationship with my daughters step mom and wished they could all be like that.

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