Debating if I should home school my child


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Gena - posted on 11/12/2014




I wish i could home school,but in the country where i live with my family, homeschooling is not aloud. Or better said its only aloud if you live up in the mountains and the school is hours away AND still then you need to first go through alot of paper work to get the permission to...unfortunatly in my case. The reason why i would homeschool is because i am not happy with the public school here for many either we would have to find a different school and move or we will have to pay ALOT for a private school..but the problem is i dont know if the private school is better. Its a difficult always want the best for your child,but sometimes we dont know what would be better.

Chet - posted on 11/12/2014




There are so many factors to consider, it can be a really difficult choice. Does your child want to go to school?

Three of our four kids are in school right now. One is the right age for pre-kindergarten but it's optional here, so he's at home still. I would home school in a second if school wasn't working out in some way, but our kids really, really love it and want to go. So we figured we'd go with school as long as school wasn't a problem.

We do a lot of home school stuff outside of school hours though. Our house looks like we home school!

We know a lot of home schoolers though, and it really can be a wonderful option. I volunteer at our children's school a lot, and it boggles my mind how much downtime and dead time there is for children at school. The school can't do much about it. It's just a feature of institutional learning.

But at the same time, school offers easy access to things that can be difficult or costly to learn at home. Our kids are bilingual because of going to public school. They get violin and piano and band at school. Our school has a circus and drama too. We could do all of that on our own, but it would be expensive and there would be a lot of time spent getting kids to and from lessons.

The social argument against home schooling is bogus though. The home schoolers we know are never home because they're always out with other home schoolers.

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