Deciphering differences of opinion on the appropriateness child nudity in public..

Christine - posted on 02/14/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I was at a mommy & me beach yoga class Santa Monica today.. It was amazing, we even had a harpest there playing beautiful music.... Apart from our class there where onlookers, around us..

A woman with a little boy about 2-3 years old walked up and where observing our class. Then she started talking his clothes off, including his diaper!

This really bothered me for the little boy, with all the freaks and weirdos at the beach I found it highly inappropriate and it really bothered me.. Being a mom I felt like I wanted to protect him, and say something to her..

After the class I was talking to the class leader ( I frequently go to her classes) a woman walked up to us embracing the beauty that the mother felt free enough to take her sons clothes off, My response was defensive to the point that I felt that it was highly inappropriate because the little boy could not speak for himself and protect himself from this age of cyber sickos..It just takes one photo or video from one person on the internet and all the weirdos will see... I also told her I have photos of my baby in the bath and cute little baby booty shots but wouldn't put them on social media either. They are for family and friends and blackmail her when she is a teen.. <~JK

I breastfeed, and my baby hates to be covered, and i explained to the woman that I will breastfeed because it is my body and I can defend myself as an adult. Her response was that she didn't want to look at nudity in such a negative manner, as tho I was a bitch or something.

I stand by my beliefs but I was truly confused as to if I am being appropriate or overbearing..

I called my go to mommy friend and she agreed with me so I knew I wasn't just losing it... LOL

I believe that baby deserves that respect to be cared for in a respectable manner and portray them in a way that protects them from the sad truth that is our society as long as we can.. That is our job as a parent..


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Michelle - posted on 02/14/2015




I'm with Jodi on this, you can control what happens with you and your children, just as any other parent controls what happens with their children.
We are all different and that the great thing about humans, we are allowed to have differing opinions.
In my opinion, there's nothing to decipher, you just need to accept how others choose to raise their children.

Jodi - posted on 02/14/2015




You are entitled to your opinion on this matter, as are those who disagree with you on it. That doesn't mean you are any more right than those who hold a different view. So really, for that reason, unless what that mother was doing was illegal, you actually don't have a right to correct her on what she was doing for her child. By all means, have an opinion, but you really don't have a right, based purely on your opinion, to walk up to the mother and say anything to her (so I'm glad you didn't) because what she did wasn't necessarily wrong. You just hold a different viewpoint.

I'm not quite sure what needs deciphering though. Are you trying to understand why some parents feel it is appropriate?

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