Definition of a deadbeat dad please...

Jessica - posted on 01/09/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




....the courts say he gets all rights to our 2 young children as I do. Half the decision making responsibility, half the parenting time, etc. BUT....he was disinterested prior to the divorce. He's held a job 9mos out of the past 3yrs (BY CHOICE). He's foreclosed on our family home, living rent free. He pays $17.13 mo in child support (IF HE EVEN PAYS IT). He changes agreements the day-of. He has caused me to claim bankruptcy. He's riding on everyone else's coat tails: yours, mine, government, family, etc.

So, please tell me...when does a dad become a deadbeat dad? When does someone say..."get a job, any job and support your kids?" When is it ok to let me throw the "party"....and he directs, decides and attends...but I don't even get to go? *Metaphor for why do I should all responsibility and only get 1/2?

They long as their is no immediate harm, if a dad in CO loves his kids...he gets half. Hmmmm.....



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Sherri - posted on 01/09/2012




Sorry but it is the way it is and it won't change so better to learn how to deal with it because honestly complaining about it isn't going to change it or make it better.

Jodi - posted on 01/09/2012




If he has half the parenting time, then why does he have to pay you? I guess I'm a little confused. Are you working to support your kids?

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