Delayed positive test result

Kelley - posted on 01/15/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




I took a home pregnancy test this evening, one of many I have taken over the years, and at first it showed negative but 15 minutes later I happened to look at it again and it was a definate positive. I have never ever had this happen to any test I have ever taken. Does this mean it is positive or what should I think or do? I am going to test again in the morning but I was just wondering.


Bonnie - posted on 01/16/2012




I agree with Sara, but also, your morning urine is way more concentrated so if it is early pregnancy, morning urine will help detect that.

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You have to read it within the time limit because the lines can blur and make it look positive. That doesn't mean you aren't pregnant. Just take the test in the morning and read within the instructed time limit. If you're still unsure you can get the blood test.


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Samantha - posted on 10/01/2012




i took a preagnacy test and it looked neg so i threw it in the trash, the next day i was curious so i dug it out and looked and saw a verry faint line . I called my boyfreind to look at it and he saw the same thing. I had been sick for 3 days between 12 and 3 in the morning and am over a week late for my period! no sickness 4 2 days now. my breasts are tender nipples sensitive not real bad.all i culd hold down the days i was sick was peanutbutter on bread w sugar. whats going on !!!!!!

Sylvia - posted on 01/21/2012




There is a limit on them but to help yourself out I would take one in the morning when its the strongest!

Sarah - posted on 01/16/2012




When I was pregnant with my first son (and having problems - it took a year and an infertility diagnosis) we finally found out we were pregnant. We had 3 positive tests at home, then I went to my doctors and had 2 there - both negative. I was in tears and devastated. While in his office talking to him (being consoled really) about the possibility of blood tests, his MOA came back in about 10 minutes later and said that it looked like a faint positive. Sure enough both the tests there had a barely present line. They did blood tests to confirm and sure enough I was! Because they test for Hcg (Human Corionicgonadotropin), a hormone only released when an egg implants and positive line, no matter how faint indicates a positive. Having said this, many women miscarry before they even find out they're pregnant. Do another test in a day or two (in the morning, the Hcg is higher) and see if it's darker.

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