Delaying daycare/ preschool till 3.5 year

Neha - posted on 09/21/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi all,
I am work from home mom who has a nanny watch my daughter since she was 1. Daughter is now 2.5 years old. I am pregnant with due date in January. I started daughter with 3 hours of preschool per day for 3 weeks. She hated it.. Cried a lot.. Got sick... I am tired too as being pregnant and taking care of sick toddler is tiring! My question : should I delay sending her till maybe next April?(once flu season is over ) She goes to the park daily so she has interaction with other kids. She is social.. Likes playing with other kids as long as me, husband or nanny are with her. She's talking, singing rhymes , counting too. All kids in our neighborhood seem to have started daycare around 1.5/2 years old and they are shocked I would have her start when she is close to 3.5. thoughts?


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Dove - posted on 09/21/2015




The youngest I have started doing preschool is 2 months after turning 3. They loved it and were more than ready. My son started at 3.5...

I would never send a child under 3 to preschool and I've never put any child in daycare.... Here they have to be 5 to start Kindergarten, so even going to preschool when they are 3 means they go for 2 years and personally I think more than 2 years of preschool is a little insane.

Sarah - posted on 09/21/2015




I personally feel that sending a child under the age of 3 yrs. is too early. That is just my opinion. You will get people that feel they should attend easier and others that feel they don't need to attend school until kindergarten.

As for the separation anxiety and the sickness that will be there at any age you start. It is going to take some time for her to adjust and work through that separation. Staying consistent and persistent is going to help. For sickness she needs her immune system to build up. That happens through getting sick, your body builds up immunity. That first year around kids consistently she will be sick often until her body builds up that immunity.

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