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I think you need to talk to a councellor. Either for yourself or possible have a family councellor where you can bring your daughter and yourself to.

I would first try to talk to your daughter and tell her that she is not responsible for your well-being (you aren't going to kill yourself if she does or doesn't tell you about a woman in her Dad's life). I would also tell her that she does not need to take on the responsibility of dealing with her Dads and your relationship. You might also try to talk to the father (although this probably won't work) and tell him that he really should not be telling your daughter that he didn't love you when she was 10 or anything to do with adult dealings. Your daughter is still just a teenager and does not need to be dealing with adult situations, from your husband or from you.

Your daughter is still your daughter no matter what. You should try to maintain a relationship with her while making sure you aren't treated disrespectfully.

You and her (and possibly your two sons depending on how they feel) really need to see a family councellor who can help you all sort out what is going on in this situation.

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