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Bodily fluids are hazardous waste. Therefore, the facility was well within its rights to require the diaper.

Your child is NOT fully potty trained if she pooped in her suit less than 5 minutes in to the class, and you should have stifled your 'righteous indignation' long enough to realize that.

Get the swim diaper for your kid, comply with the disposable diaper requirement and move on. The rest of the parents (those who have a realistic outlook) will appreciate not being exposed to your child's bodily waste.


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Gena - posted on 10/30/2014




I agree with the others,you should put her in a diaper,its the pools rule and its a good one.

Jodi - posted on 10/29/2014




Put her in the diapers. Sorry, but your daughter is not fully potty trained if she's had two accidents. In particular, I think you are failing to understand that when your daughter pooed in the pool, the pool became contaminated. Maybe it has never happened before, but put yourself in their shoes here. They see a child who has not even had a lesson yet who has soiled herself twice. What conclusions would you draw if you were them? They aren't going to take your word for it when you were proved wrong twice.

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Just put one on her in your vehicle when you pull into the parking lot.. As long as she doesn't have an accident in it you can use the same one for quite a while since it will only be on her for a short time.

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Thanks for providing me with that suggestion, I'll go ahead and do that. The only problem is, that still leaves out how I'm going to go about putting her in a "regular disposable diaper" now that they require her to be wearing one at all times while in the building, as well as when and where. We usually need to arrive about 20/30 minutes before her class starts so we can find out what she'll be doing and so that we're not late. I know they're not going to let her inside without one, especially while we wait. I tried thinking of some ideas of how to bring that up but I can't think of a single way to do that. Any suggestions?

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Honestly, this is a case where you'll have to find a way to put your embarrassment aside. (In fact, is there a different facility you could change to for six months, just to get her "feet wet" and then transfer later? That way she doesn't associate it with her accident.) And while i'm sure you wouldn't, just be sure not to keep reminding her of the accident. I'd just keep it really calm and accepting. "Here, let's put on your bathing suit," and then bring out ONE swim diaper, and when she asks, just say, "This will go under your bathing suit, so if you get a nervous tummy again, you'll be okay. If you accidentally soil it, let me know right away, and we'll change it out." Ripping off that band-aid now will keep her calm later.
She obviously got nervous; that happens to grown men. I would go back and say, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have jumped you. I was just so embarrassed, because this never happens. But I'll go ahead and have her wear them. My only question is, how LONG will she need to wear them? because like I said, it was fluke." Parents understand, too, that it could happen to their four year old. (Think about soldiers who enter war; they get diarrhea all the time, from "nerves"!) They will appreciate that you want to protect everyone from another accident, "especially while she's still nervous!" (Yes, I'd act like I'm "all in", since she did have the accident...)

I hope this helps. Trust me, my daughter has embarrassed me on SO many issues, and it's tough. But you can get through this. Deep breaths.....

Dove - posted on 10/29/2014




You guys violated the rules. She POOPED in the pool!! That's a health and safety violation to the entire facility. Either abide by the rules or don't go back there again.

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