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My daughter(who just turned 4yrs old) already was seen by the dentist and the dentist wasn't able to finish filling the cavity she has in her 2 front teeth because my daughter got too scared ...... Now she has an appt tomorrow and I'm not sure what options they will give me to help her get thru the cavity filling procedure on the 2 front teeth.........
Q#1. how would I know the personnel are doing their job on monitoring my daughter if she is either under Nitrous gas, conscious sedation or general anesthesia ?
Q#2. Which one would be the best option?

Thank you very much for your time :)


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Well, you can always ask to be present, but usually parents are discouraged from seeing their children getting nitrous and watching cavities being filled because it is distracting for the dentist and assistants. Also, since you are not trained in this field, you may get hysterical over normal procedures that you have not seen before.
I assure you, your dentist knows what he/she is doing. You can certainly call the office today and ask if they have a pediatric anesthesiologist present. It is usually unnecessary for kids 4 and older.
The nitrous is administered through a nose mask, and once it takes effect, the dentist can administer the local anesthesia (nerve block like Novocaine). The nitrous is to keep them calm, not moving, and usually they don't remember the procedure at all. This helps the dentist get the procedure done quickly and effectively. This is NOT considered a general anesthesia but a sedative.
Is this a general family dentist that happens to work on children or is this an actual pediatric specialist dentist?
Call the office and ASK how they are going to sedate her, if it is nitrous etc.

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