Deodorants for little girls


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E Larry - posted on 06/28/2015




My daughter is 6 years old. Unlike her twin brother, she has serious, adult body odor by the end of the day. They both get the same diet and they both get bathed and fresh clothes (at least) once a day.
She clearly needs some deodorant but I can't find anything made for children.
I hope to find her deodorant (NOT ANTIPERSPIRANTS) because allergies to antiperspirants run in the family.
Recommendations would be most appreciated.

Angela - posted on 01/03/2014




A deodorant does NOT stop perspiration, it only scents it. Perspiration is stopped by anti-perspirant. A child shouldn't need anti-perspirant, a light deodorant body spray will suffice. Generally good personal hygiene and thorough washing is enough for a child. Body sprays/deodorants are just one more item to spend cash on that isn't really necessary. Of course it becomes a status symbol with some children - and so it spreads so that other young children (and their parents) are pressured into getting deodorants as well.

You don't say how old she is though. Adolescence can begin as early as 8 in some girls.

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