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Yezabelle - posted on 04/13/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Well i gave birth about two months ago, i felt like a complete failure because i ended up with an emergency c section because the babies heart rate dropped, then i wasn't able to breastfeed immediately after so my son never liked to breastfeed, that also made me feel more of a failure, i started to feel like i couldn't do anything right, not to mention that i feel deformed my tummy hangs a bit which makes me feel disgusting, i am a stay at home mom but i always feel tired out of energy and i find my self thinking how big of a failure i am, that i can't do anything right, my son he is a great baby but i feel like i am a bad mother, we live with my mother in law but i don't feel comfortable with her around so i stay in my room all day, and even like that my room is a mess because i feel so tired and drained all the time, my husband is great with the baby and helps around but he makes me feel like im worthless because i can't seem to do anything right, i feel sad all the time, and i hate tgat i don't have any motivation to do anything at all, i don't think he realizes how this makes me feel he just thinks im lazy and selfish, all i want to do is sleep but i can't even do that and when i do he complaints on how much i sleep and even makes nasty comments about it, i just hate that he treats me like a child all the time, he even gets mad at me when something happens to me, like he scolds me because he says that if i did things correctly or if i paid more attention to everything bad things wouldn't happen there is more but i think this went too long sorry if i bored you gys i just need some advice or even some help


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Amy - posted on 04/14/2013




Sounds like you may be suffering from post partum depression. You should really reach out to your doctor and let them know how you're feeling, your doctor deals with this all the time and will be able to help you through these feelings. You shouldn't feel like a failure because you had to have an emergency c-section it was out if your control.

You should also leave your room and get out of the house. Once a day go outside with your baby and take a walk, you don't have to go far but it will help you feel more human again. I urge you to call your doctor to get help.

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