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D - posted on 06/20/2014




get out, once they start and dont have any respect it wont stop. I put up with my fiance calling me names and then he started in front of our daughter...i had to get a kick out order for him to leave MY home...we tried counseling and he just ended up wanting to stop saying i'm the one that needed the counseling. If it's so bad why do they stay? Maybe it will take for your husband to be without you to realize what a good woman he had? now we are in a custody battle and he is going to fight tooth and nail for our daughter...but so is mommy!! Good luck and God Bless.

Cathy - posted on 06/19/2014




I'm I kinda in the same situation.But I am not married to him .I live with him and are 17 year old does to.There are times I can't even talk to him because he says that is stupid .He says that for everything.I feel depressed to its not healthy living like that being sad everyday.My son hears us argue because he doesn't know how to talk without raising his voice.He wants to make me look bad all the time and blames me for everything..If I could leave I would but can't without a job.It was wrong for me to stay with him in the first place.You need to let your husband know how you are feeling and if it still continues maybe it's just better off getting a divorce.You have to do what's going to make you happy,And being depressed all the time is not good for you and your health well good luck.I hope everything works out.

Gena - posted on 06/16/2014




Have you confronted your husband about the verbal abuse?Maybe you could go to therapy together.I would tell him to stop,get counseling or else you leave. Its not a healthy relationship.Your husband should love and respect you.I hope your child/ren dont hear it and think its normal to speek to a person like that.Good luck and i hope it turns out well.

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