Depressed stay at home mom, what should i do?

Samantha - posted on 10/07/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am a stay at home mom. I find myself going stir crazy everyday and very depressed. I put my son in daycare only fir his own benefit if getting education and socialized 2 days a week from 9am to 1 pm. he is 20 months old. I constantly feel like i dont know what to do with myself. I feel too depressed to go to mommy n me classes though i do not know where to go. I cant afford the little gym. I am 24 and my husband works very hard with very long hours and overtime. I feel fortunate that i have ahardworking man and a good father for my son but i am just not happy with my life at all. I dont know what to do anymore. Do i move out? I question that everyday. I didnt get to experience the young fun life and regret that. Any ideas as to what i should do?


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Tia - posted on 10/07/2012




How about you get off your lazy butt,and get a job.That's something to do.Your marriage won't last long if your husband has to keep working long hours,and pay for daycare 2 days a week,while you sit at home and complain about having nothing to do.Do you really think he's going to want you in a few years if you can't find anything to do with yourself.A person who is bored all the time is usually a boring person.

And why in the world would you move out?Why would you break up your marriage just so you can go out and have fun.When you have a child,your child's needs come first,and you are an adult.You need to work for something,not have your husband taking care of you like you are a child.You need to get a part time job,at least and go to school.Maybe you can study to be a nurse of something or even a daycare worker.Also,I am not a stay at home mom,I work part time,and I'm in college,but even if I had a husband I would not want to be fully dependent on him.You need to have some level of independence.

If I were you I would feel so guilty about letting my husband stress himself out,working long hours just so I could stay at home and complain.Maybe you can find and online job or something too,or start your own in home daycare,that way you can spend time with your son,while working.

You should also join a gym.I joined a gym,that has a daycare,so you can go work out,go to classes or go swimming in the pool while your child is in the daycare.Just find something to do.I know for me,there are always so many things that I have to do that I pretty much never get everything done in one day.

Ariana - posted on 10/07/2012




Talk to your doctor to make sure there are no biological reasons this is happening or to find support from a councellor.

Otherwise: There are usually free community play-groups for moms and tots. You might want to get a babysitter and join some sort of club/sports group. I know I was feeling pretty down and then I joined a recreational soccer team (which I was pretty bad at ha). The best part wasn't just getting out doing soccer but going out afterwards for dinner with a group of people. You might not be able to do that due to money but you can join a bookclub through the library for once-a-month.

It sounds like you're just bored and understimulated. You need to create a social life and start working on yourself. Join some sort of club or activity you like. I don't know you so it could be anything; acting, sports, dance, knitting,crafting, drawing, hiking ANYTHING. If you don't have any specific interests well maybe you need to go try something out. Take a program to learn a new language. Meet some other moms. Even though you're a mom you're still young and need to go experience life. Go online and look up some things to do.

Michelle - posted on 10/07/2012




You should go and talk to your doctor and get some help. PPD/PND doesn't just happen when you first have a baby, it can sometimes take a while to surface.

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