Depressed Stay at home mommy with a baby and expecting another one

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Hey everyone I really need some help. So my hubby practically works all day and im a stay at home mom and i think im expecting again I just havnt confirmed. I'm reallyhappy to be the one looking out for my child and seeing him grow I truely love him but im sooooo tired of doing nothing all day. I do what a house wife would do but after that I have nothing to do. All day long I wait for my hubby to come home to baby and me but when he comes home he's angry and simply doesnt care about spending some time with us. We argue and the next day it's all the same. Last night he wanted to go out with friends and we got into an argument because I told him he couldn't go. I know I sound mean but that's only because he doesnt let me out either he expects me to be home all day long and take care of house work. I need someone to talk to. I need a friend because even though I have friends they all seem to be busy since they are not moms like I am. I dont't know what to do I cry myself to sleep almost every night. I know my hubby hears me and before he used to cuddle with me but now he just ignores me and pretends he doesnt hear me. I,m so depressed and need some advice guys :( please help


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Well, just because you are a sahm, doesn't mean you literally have to stay at home all day. Find some mom groups in your area, go to your public library and scope out the different programs for your childs age group etc. Get out. Take a walk. Go to the park. Find places where other mothers hang out and make new friends.

Husband sounds like he is going through his own struggles also, and it is obvious you both need to communicate and start going out on some date nights a couple times per month. Adult time is needed for both of you, preferably together, but separate is fine also.

If you are not preggo, stop being lax with birth control. Truth be told, it sounds like baby #2 is gonna make things even more lonely.

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