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Hi guys,

I need some advice I guess and I couldn't think of a better place than this. I'm 34 years old, gave birth to my adorable son in 2009 and I'm afraid I'm experiencing depression.

I married my computer geek in 2007 and he is quite happy. I on the other, am not. He works in IT and makes a comfortable living while I stay at home with our son. Before Henry I worked as a wilderness guide and travelled non stop for years. I miss my adventures, my phenomenal coworkers that were more like brothers (I wan unfortunately the only woman in the company) and I miss all my friends that I made all around the world. My job wasn't easy, I was guiding expeditions, I lived among African tribes for several years to study their connection with the environment they lived in. Now as a SAHM, I have no stimuli. I'm bored and depressed and my son has walked in on me crying several times and then would promptly tell my husband once he got home. We don't talk about it much though (I'm not a chatty type)

My stepfather has pointed out that I've been depressed ever since my kid was born (he was kinda unplanned but I love him anyway) and I became what he was afraid of the most,SAHM (nothing wrong with that in my opinion but he came from a family where all women worked in academia and he encouraged me to study sciences). Is anyone else experiencing something similar? Should I seek professional help?


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I hear you. I started to feel this way as my youngest got older. an once she was at school, I realised I really needed to get out and back to a job outside the home. Maybe this is something you could consider. I chose to go into teaching. I already had a degree in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology, so I just added my Post Grad teaching degree (which was a year of study), and now I can share some passion of learning with my students. It is also a career that has fit in with managing my family.

It is certainly worth talking to a professional, but maybe this is something that needs you to consider a job outside the home to give you that stimuli you need. It is ok for you to want to do that, and it is ok for you to find a way to be passionate about something that doesn't involve your family.

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