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I deal with seasonal depression every year. This winter has been exceptionally rough. Last winter was also a very rough one. I was sick three times and my son had croup to where he had to go to the E.R. 2 days after xmas. This year the kids did ok health wise but I ended up with pneumonia real bad the day before xmas eve. I had been fighting bronchitis for 3 weeks and it turned into pneumonia. This year has just been worse in the way of just feeling so down and the only thing that gets me out of bed some days is my kids. Most days are bearable, Some days are really bad. I'm so mopey I annoy myself! The only person I talked to about it is my husband. He is no help at all. He just says, "Your a mom. You can't be depressed." In other words, just snap out of it and push on. Yeah,that didn't help. It just infuriated me. I seem to be feeling a little better lately like it's starting to fade a bit. I'm still in a very hopeless negative mindset right now though. I'm hoping by spring I'll be fine. I also have been drinking a lot to deal with this. Which I know is the worst thing I could do. It just helps for a moment to feel a little happier. I know I should workout instead and I just don't care enough to do that. I'm just tired and angry and hopeless all day. Except when my kids make me smile. Let's face it, kids also add stress and are demanding things left and right when all I want to do is sit here and cry. UGH!!!! Anyone else deal with depression ??

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