Depression and a 2 yr old

Samantha - posted on 07/22/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a 24yr old stay at home mom with a 2 1/2yr old boy. Ive dealt with depression and anxiety for as long as I remember. As I got older it got worse and after having a baby it got much worse. I've been with my sons father since I was 15 and we have had a rough and rocky relationship. To make a long story short about a month ago I snapped and fell into a deep depression. I've made the decision to come off my medications (effexor and abilify) and I've been so deeply depressed that I can't get out of bed. I cry all the time. I feel like I'm ruining my sons life because I can't be the mom I should be. Don't get me wrong ALL of his needs are always met and I love him very much. I never have the motivation to leave the house, I just always want to be alone and dwell in my disease. I don't know how to stop this vicious cycle. I want to be happy and normal and give my son a better happier life. I can't stand when he sees me cry and lately I've noticed a negative change in his behavior. He always says no and he's mean and angry. My boyfriend doesn't understand what depression truly is and he is sticking this out as best as he can and I feel like a straight burden to my son and boyfriend because I can't control this illness. Any advice? How to help myself? Motivation? I'm so miserable and can't stand to see my son grow up with a mother like this. I am very lonely and have no one to ever talk to about this or real close friends. Any advice to help me change me life for the sake of my family will be very appreciated. Thanks for listening


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Virginia - posted on 01/27/2014




It sounds like we are both going through the same issue... I too have struggled with horrible anxiety and depression forever and I have a 2 1/2 yr old son as we'll.. I have been feeling very guilty about him growing up with a mom that has a condition.. But you know now that I hear someone else say it is that... We love our sons... So so much that we want to give them a perfect environment to live with... And if we could.. we WOULD.. Right... But we can't because it's a decease... A mom
With cancer doesn't want her son to see her with cancer either but it's out of her control... I also have a hard time getting out n doing stuff when it gets real bad... But look at ur little boy.. N say to yourself.. He is worth me pushing myself out there to get help or join some groups... Also the meds ur on May not be te right ones for u.. So tell ur dr to change them.. Don't give up on the idea u can be happy and the mom u want to be... Cause I have to believe we can be! Today will be the first time I'm going to see a psychiatrist... And I never wanted meds but I have to try to get better for my family.. I refuse to give up.. I believe in God and I pray to him to provide the right doctors and the right treatment for me and my family... I pray that you will seek him and know that he loves u.. We live in a broken world and so we suffer at times but these times will not last forever. Hoping all things work out with u.

Charity_knox - posted on 07/22/2013




Depression is a deep pit and it sounds like you very much need an antidepressant. If the effexor had side effects you did not like ask your Dr. to try a different medication. You can see that your depression effects not just you but, the people around you. I hope you will make an appointment today to see a Psychiatrist or Dr. that can help you. Once you get on a medication and start some therapy try and add exercise to your regimen to help. I have suffered from mild-mod depression most of my life and I found that running consistently helps with my mood and motivation. It wasn't easy to make it a habit but, It honestly has helped make me a happier person. Not saying it is the magic key to make everything all better but along with medication and therapy exercise can help improve your mood. Please make an appointment TODAY!

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