Depression/Zoloft, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Deanne - posted on 06/16/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am 28 yrs old and have suffered from some sort of anxity or depression since I was a teenager. It has only gotten worse during my pregnancy. There are days where all I can do is cry I don't want to get out of bed and I crazy as it sounds comming from a pregnant woman there are days where I don't even want to eat. If I'm feling this way now I am a little scared about how I will feel after my baby is born.

I have discussed these problems with my Dr. and he wants me to take Zoloft. I have read mixed reviews on how Zoloft effects the unborn child and can't find much at all on how it effects the baby via breast milk.

I am look for advice from other mothers who have suffered from depression and or taken zoloft. I only have a ouple of days left to let my Dr know if I am going to take it.

I thank you all in advance for your advice



Belinda - posted on 06/17/2009




My sister has depression and has had it for many years. She has been on Zoloft for about 10 years now. When she was trying to fall preg with her 1st child her doctor told her to stop taking it 3 months before trying to fall and fro the 1st trimester of preg but fine to take after week 12. It was the worst 6 months of her life. She got to the point like you where she was crying all the time, wasn't sure she loved her husband and didn't want to be married and didn't want the baby....(her husband is a wonderful man and all they wanted was this baby)..... then when she went back on the zoloft after a few weeks she was back to normal, ecstatic about the baby and loving her hubby to bits. She stayed on it for the remainder of the pregnancy and while breastfeeding which she did until her son was 13months old. No negative effects to the baby at all. When she decided to fall preg a 2nd time she and her doc and a psycologist all agreed that it was HEALTHIER for the baby and mum for her to not come off the meds at any point in the conception, preg, breastfeeding etc because of how badly it affected her with the last one...... and stress and depression can cause high blood pressure and stuff which can be a prob for baby anyway. Her 2nd baby, a girl, is now 13 months old, perfectly healthy, no issues during preg and is just being weaned now. And the best bit is the have a happy mummy! Good luck with whatever you decide.


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Tara - posted on 06/17/2009




my doc put me on Zolloft with my youngest, we had spent many months in hospital after he had a really bad accident. i found it to help me greatly and i found that their was no affect on him at all. i was still breastfeeding him at the time. i just had to make sure that i kept a realy good diet and kept away from alcohol i know that you are pregnat but its just some thing to remember for later on. i hope that things work out for you. and just remember the baby is worth it and so are you. you'll probably find that the moods will settle after the baby is born. hormonoes are a bitch.

Erica - posted on 06/16/2009




Zoloft or Sertraline Hcl is currently the only recommended drug for Depression, Panic and Anxiety for Breastfeeding mothers. The reason it is, is becasue it has the lowest rate of transfer through the breast milk. Unlike other prescriptions like Xanax, Prozac etc all others give full or high dosage transfer through the breast milk. I am taking Zoloft currently for my Postpartum Depression and feel that it is helping. However I really hate taking prescription medications in general but you have to weigh out your pros and cons with anything. For me it, I decided that I can't be helpful to my family unless I get healthy mentally so that is why I am taking it.

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I'm sorry I can't talk from experience but my sister was on high doses of zoloft with 2 of her pregnancies. They are both fine and healthy. Although she didn't breastfeed her 2nd bubs she did her 3rd and the zoloft didn't seem to effect her milk supply or her bubs.

Hope every thing works out for you :-)

Nicki - posted on 06/16/2009




I don't know about zoloft, but I have been on Effexor for depression for many year. I continued to take it during my entire pregnancy and while breast feeding (my son is almost 6 months) and it hasn't effected him in any way. I didn't have any problems with my depression during my pregnancy or since my son was born. He was born a month early, but the Dr. didn't seem to think that was related to the effexor, and he was a perfectly healthy baby. If you are worried about zoloft, maybe you can ask your Dr about Effexor.

Good luck!!

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