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hi i have met a man who treats me so good, we are the best of friends, and really are good together, however he has a 20 year old son, who i get on well with, he has very limited contact with his mum, and does come to me when he needs advise, but i cannot bear his pure idleness and disrespect, he is too lazy to flush a toilet, he has packed in college, wont work, lies in settee in front of tv, or stays in bed all day, i have tried sitting him dowm talking to him, he agrees with what i say, but if i ask him to do something he will pretend he is ill, stay in bed and my partner will bow to his very beck and call, i hete to see my partner disrespected this way, he tells so many lies, my partner sadly does defend him and tells me to back off. i do not nag it isnt my way, but i work full time, spend weekends cleaning up after him, and feel he should do some chores , he really does nothing at all


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The guy is 20 and his father isn't complaining about the situation.... Accept it or get out.

IF the father was not happy with the situation then I would say you have a chance to discuss it and help him lay down ground rules for the son.... but that isn't the case, so really you only have two choices since you have zero power to control the decisions of either of these grown men.

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