Desperate!! How do I get my 4yr old to stop having accidents?

Nicole - posted on 07/08/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )





I am DESPERATELY seeking advice on how we can get our daughter to stop having potty (pee and poop) accidents almost on a daily basis! She just turned 4 and we're are completely lost as to what to do. Her older sister was potty trained when she turned 2, so this is just so odd to us.

We know she "knows" when she has to go, and most of the time we have to call her out on it and make her run to the bathroom. There are times when she needs to have to go that she'll just sit down (I think hoping the feeling will go away?) and will have an accident most of the time if we don't catch her. So it's not that she doesn't know, because I know she does.

Do any of you have any ideas on what we can do to help her get potty trained? We've done the "go potty every 20 mins" before, and it works at times. I also knows she can control her potty accidents because there have been days when we are going to be out and about and I stress to her that she may NOT have an accident...and she's good. BUT, then there's the every day's like she doesn't care.

I need advice. What can we do? What should the consequences be if she does potty her pants? Anything??

THANK YOU in advance for your thoughts!!


Jenn - posted on 07/08/2011




Is she in pull-ups? Those are just glorified diapers. I bought my girls pretty panties and they are thin enough to be uncomfortable (wet and cold) if they peed in them or really awkward if they pooped. It helped with the poop issue almost immediately. They got tired of wetting panties and having to bathe so much because of peeing too. I also kept a portable potty in my vehicle which intrigued them and though it caused many stops so they could pee in it, it took care of their need to empty their bladder in a much more sanitary way (line the potty with a plastic bag). I also rewarded the girls with stickers. If you are concerned about a deeper issue, I recommend you speak to her doctor. I imagine though, she will finish potty training when she is ready. Night training takes much longer, of course.

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