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0 I am a desparate mom who is struggling with her 2 and a half year old kid to eat..My kid just hates to eat .......I have tried all ways possible to make food intresting for him but he wont go beyond 4 spoons..........worst I have all the possible people around me to blame me that i am rsponsible for his tantrums,bad behaviour and eating habits...its just frustrating.........i am not at a firm or aggressive person to ignore or say anything to them.worst i m over sensitive and take each comment personally.Now i am reaching a point where in I feel very guilty. I want some way to help my child be disciplined as he is becomming very stubborn and make him eat........PLEASE HELP


Emma - posted on 06/06/2013




Questions to ask yourself, Is he underweight? When he has finished his 4 spoons is he satisfied? Does he have supplements such a Milk ?

If he isn't underweight, is satisfied with the four spoons of food, and is supplemented with full cream milk or a carry on formula, then maybe you need to back off and give both of you a break. You will not MAKE him eat, but in the process of trying, you will make him angry, frustrated and upset, and you will make yourself angry, frustrated and upset! For what purpose? It's clearly not working is it?

Get him weighed, find a drink supplement that is full of nutrients and vitamins appropriate for an infant of his age, relax, let him eat as much or as little as he likes and do some more research, but do it in a confident, relaxed manner, because the way you are doing it now, is counter productive.

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