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I have a fifteen year old son that has emotion and behavioral problems. His father was my abuser. He tried to kill me and he has stabbed me three times. My son has witnessed some of the abuse when he was very young My ex took my son from me when for eight months after a visit I dropped him off and no one would return my calls or they pretended they weren't there. I tried everything to get my son back but I was told there was nothing that could be done. I lied to get back to see my son. That is where the worst abuse came. After our divorce his dad and gf at the time would play games and take me back and forth to court. I had full custody. In 2008 my sons therapist thought it would be best for us to have 50-50. I pleaded with the judge not to make those changes because it seemed like the more he was with his dad the more aggressive he would be towards me. I was right my son became violent towards me he would attack me and his younger sister. There was one incident where I heard yelling I went to check on the kids after telling them to stop. I ran upstairs and my son was about to strike his sister. I said stop he was about to continue. I grabbed his hand and he pulled back upwards and I hit his face and he got a bloody nose. I apologized because it was an accident. He said you know what I am going to school like this and he did!! Child welfare came once. Then he lied to his teacher and they came again. They offered me a skill building class and I took it the lady came and did home visits. She witnessed my son being disrespectful to me for no reason.I wrote a letter to the judge that decided we needed 50-50. I told him what my son was doing and how violent he was becoming. They responded and said send a copy of a the letter wrote to the other party then the case will be reviewed. I never did. My son became obsessed with Hitler and Satan and he listen to dark music. One song talked about killing a girl because she betrayed someone. He listened to that over and over.Every time I would pick him up from his dad's house he was very angry with me for no reason. I would tell him you have been in my care for two minutes why are you treating me this way? My son also had a lot of girlfriends just like his dad. The reason I am writing is because in June he told his counselor that I emotionally abuse him and I am innocent!! He said that I " Told him he was a product of a slipped condom, he felt suicidal, I wouldn't let him hold the baby, and that he was a serial killer. Only one statement is true and it was taken out of context. I said the serial killer statement to his therapist. I told her I don't want him on that path. He has an obsession with knives he took one to school a student saw it and he got suspended for a week. He damaged my property with the same knife that he stole from his fathers house and the other reasons I mentioned above.All I was saying is that I was concerned. I strongly believe his dad has brainwashed him and I am victim of Parental Alienation Syndrome. I did everything for my son. His dad treats him like a friend. I am the more structured parent. I haven;t seen my son in nearly four months I am heartbroken. My ex served me full custody papers and child support papers at my job.He hasn't gave me a dime in 14 yrs because he is on SSI. I know my ex is involved with this. I heard that if my son testifies I lose, is that true?

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