Desperate need of some advice to gain custody of Grandson!

Carol - posted on 07/05/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




This may sound like so many other families stories, but this is mine, and I am scared.
I have been raising my grandson since he was 18 months old. He will be twelve this year. His Mother (my daughter) is an alcoholic. She has been not living with us for quite some time. She shows up on occasion with her latest boyfriend and emotionally abuses us. Then acts like she is entitled to use all the facilities and cooks, eats, and tries to have her boyfriend spend the night. She kicks her son out of his room and says she is The mother and is entitled to the bedroom, and reminds me that he is HER son. She is usually drinking and she is belligerent to the tenth! Threatens to take him every time she does not get her way. Then disappears again until the next time. Then we have his Father who for the first 5 years lived under a bridge, he was on drugs. Now that he is recovering he wants to be a DAD! He with his girlfriend live in halfway houses with multiple male room mates, which refuses to be life scanned. Which is a great concern to me. MY grandson sleeps on a couch in the public living room. In wanting to be a DAD he does not even know his birthday or how to spell his son's name. Does not buy him clothing, rarely feeds him on the weekend, and my grandson is forced to attend multiple N/A meetings on his visitation days with his DAD! I need to mention that my grandson is a working actor, we are saving for his college education, however his parents ( who rarely work) seem to think they are entitled to his earnings, as in they do not support him or provide anything for him as they say he can use his own money. Which is so wrong on many levels. His father now wants custody, because he thinks he will be able to live off of his son's money. (college money) However as a working child actor there is so much responsibility, that neither parent would be able to manage the schedule. They can barely manage their own lives. Any advise on how to stop the madness and obtain legal guardianship as the only Grandparent it would be appreciated.
Thank you, Carol

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