Desperately crying for help!!

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Hey mommies!
My names Bre. My little one used to sleep 10 to 12 hrs a night without waking up at all!!!
I swear, its like she doesnt ever want to sleep now... she will be 3 in May. She takes late naps. I cant get her to take early naps anymore. Yesterday she took a nap at 5pm and I didnt want her to sleep her full 2hr nap, so I did wake her up after sleeping 1hr. She was finally in bed around 11pm!! Im expecting baby #2 right now, so by 10pm Im exhausted!! She has been waking up almost everynight crying.... she will cry until I go in to her room! She layes there and cries "mommy come here"! Im getting so frusterated with her sleeping schedule and need help!! I dont know if shes been waking up from a scary dream...or is she afraid to be alone in her room?... I just dont know why she has been waking up in the middle of the night and going to bed so late! Like I said she was in bed last night around 11pm and we woke up at 8am!! Do any of you wonderful mothers have any ideas for me?!


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When my son started having sleep problems, we stopped giving him naps as often. A nap at 5pm, even for an hour, is going to keep her up all night. If my son isn't napping by 2 or 3, we don't give him a nap at all.

On days that he is highly active (soccer practice, swimming, play dates, preschool) he usually has a 1 hour nap. On days that he just has a normal activity level, there aren't naps. He was about the age of your daughter when we started doing this.

Some kids just seem to out grow naps a little sooner than others.

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Children grow out of needing naps at different ages and I'd say generally around 3 years old. My SD stopped needing a nap at 2 years old. You could still allow her to have quiet play in her room for about 45 mins- 1 hour as long as she is playing quietly and is happy. Just to give yourself a pregnant mommy break ;) (congrats btw).
But it sounds like she doesn't need one anymore. If she is getting more sleep than she needs during the day it will affect her night time sleep.

Also, the time you put your child to bed has little to do with what time they wake up. My son is an early riser he goes to bed at 8pm and wakes around 6:30am. Even on days when we've been out late and he doesn't get to bed until 10pm... he will still wake up like clockwork at 6:30am.

What is her usual bedtime? Try to keep her bedtime early and at the same time every night. Without the nap it should be easier to put her to bed at a decent time.


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Bre - posted on 03/09/2011




Thank you mommies for all your imput and help! I do agree with a lot of you who said she needs to give up naps... I thought children needed naps until the age of 5. Apparently, I was wrong. lol

Its hard for me to keep her awake sometimes when she wants to take a late nap... she just passes out and wont wake up from anything. haha! Her usual bedtime used to be 8pm. Today I managed to keep my little one awake!! she was SO sleepy at 5pm again but got her up and moving! Hopefully tonight we will all have a good night sleep and she will be in bed by her usual bedtime!

Thanks again!!

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My almost 5 year old still naps. He goes to preK and gets home at 11 so he eats lunch and we have rest time at 1230 he almost always still sleeps about 1-2 hours and is in bed at 7-730. He was 3 years 4 months when I had his sister and we just kept him involved and he did great. Some days when he is at home he only reads during rest time but he always sleeps the two days he goes to inhome daycare. When I was pregnant with our daughter I used to lay down in my bed with him and we would watch old cartoons so I could sleep and if he didn't sleep he was in bed with me and entertained.

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It sounds like she is ready to give up the nap. She is probably also experiencing stress w/ the upcoming arrival of her new sbiling. AND 3ish is a prime time for new fears to pop up.

Having and earlier 'rest time' w/out actually sleeping and then an earlier bedtime may help sort out some of the trouble.

Giving extra cuddle time and talking to her about the new baby and any possible other fears may also help.

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I agree with what the other moms have said. Now, I would like to offer a different answer as well though. She may be feeling insecure about baby. She may think that she is going to lose you because of the new baby. Try having her help you do things to prepare for baby (setting up the nursery and especially the crib) and talk to her about how when the baby gets here she will get to help do this or that. To me it sounds like she's feeling insecure and desperately needing you to reinstate you're there for her. Try laying down with her for early naps and even if she doesn't sleep the rest time of laying down with a calm movie on will be good for both of you! =) A friend of mine went through this with her son ... she learned the hard way that it was insecurity. If there isn't a change in her in about a week then I'd say it's she's just outgrown the naps. Hope I've helped and congrats on baby #2!

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I agree with Amber, I would try going without the nap and see if that helps at all. This is about the age when some kids give up naps altogether, and that might be what's going on. She will still get tired, but if you can push through for a few more hours, hopefully it will mean she sleeps better for you at night. Good luck!

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