Desperately need advice for working out of town!!

Robyn - posted on 07/14/2017 ( 3 moms have responded )




I work as a pilot, and my current job has me contracted for 22 days per month (min 9 hours max 14 hours per day), however, I'm home every night. It's extremely difficult to book holidays, and they're unpaid. I have a job offer to fly 13 days away from home, then 13 off, with double the pay. I have noone to consult and my stay at home boyfriend hates the idea (my kids are 3 and 11)
At the end of the month, I would be working 8 less days, but like I said, 13 days away from home. No clue of what to do. Please help.


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Sarah - posted on 07/16/2017




So you SAHM BF, who hates the ides would be caring for the kids? Why not, have him work and hire a nanny or someone who will take excellent care of your kids. =?

Michelle - posted on 07/15/2017




I agree with Dove.
If you are living together and raising the children together it has to be a joint decision. If your boyfriend isn't keen on the idea then you will probably have to turn it down. If you do take it and he isn't happy with it then you could soon see yourself single.
It's very hard on families when 1 parent works away and you aren't even married so it's easier for the relationship to end.

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