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My ex boyfriend was trying to broke up with me after over 2 years of dating. His mother wouldn't let him to be with me because of the tradition, I'm older him, not educated like him and so on. I've got pregnant with my son. He spent less time with me and didn't even accompany not even a night until the last 3 night before my water broke. Long story short, I try to forgive the past and to let him take the baby on weekend (6 months old) to his house to enjoy and get to know his mother. Life is short and I want us to enjoy the moment with my baby. Last night I text or call him but he didn't response back. I stopped by his house to pick up my son but he didn't even let me hold him. His mother and brother came out and his mother didn't let me go and blocking me from leaving with my baby. He called on the police on me and I tried to leave their house while the police is there so they afraid to stop me in front of the police. I forgive and let us enjoy our baby. They got bitter and so negative towards me. And now they want to take my baby away from me. Please suggest if a good idea to leave ny state after the court.


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You need to get a lawyer and go through the courts to establish custody, visitation, and child support orders.
If you plan to leave NY after you have the court orders, you need to have your lawyer make sure there is nothing in the court orders that prohibits you from moving out of state. Often, if it looks like a long distance move will limit the non-custodial parent's contact with the child or interfere with visitation in the future, the judge will put a stipulation in the custody order that the parents may not move out of state.

Until you have a legal court order establishing custody of your child, you and he both have the same rights. That means that he can legally take your child and refuse to give her back until you take him to court. If he does that, it can be very difficult for you to regain custody through the courts because they will want the arrangement that is least turbulent for the child--meaning you will get visitation, and the child will stay with the parent she has been staying with. Sometimes, if you have GOOD evidence that he refused to allow you contact with the child, you can use parental alienation, but even that does not always translate to the alienated parent receiving custody.

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You are going to need a lawyer, but I would say that you won't be allowed to leave the state once custody and visitation is sorted out either, unless you have good reason for doing so.

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You need to get a lawyer and go to court for custody and visitation. I doubt you will be allowed to leave the state with your child. You and the father will have to work out visitation in accordance with the court's decision. They will not be able to keep the child from you, and you will not be able to keep the child from him.

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I would get a lawyer for advice. We are not going to be able to give you proper legal advice. Good luck love.

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