Destructive 3 1/2 year old?

Sarah - posted on 05/09/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Our 3 year old has for some reason seems to be getting more an more district ice and hyperactive.
Firstly it used to be just afternoons an kind of thought he was bored at home after morning at nursery so I tried to keep us busy wether it was a walk but he's recently doing it even more even sometimes at nursery so we tried to stick to a routine more an helped a little at first.
I'm wondering if it's a fase or not as he's my first or is it just a boy thing ? What can I do to help?
He's always been a very in dependant strong willed child which is fine but now he's pulling, kicking,licking , blowing raspberries in people's face , he s always poking or tubing his brothers ears too which is like a bad habit which I can't stand but the more I say something to him the more he does it and I'v tried ignoring him but doesn't work.
We aren't very relaxed parents he has fair treatment between him and his brother inc things like the sad spot not naughty spot as he seems to hate that word we try things like that makes me sad when u hurt me Matthew or your little brother ect try to always explain why I'm cross ect if he goes in time out a little like nanny 911 on the telly. Am I doing something wrong because I feel like I'm constantly telling my son off an that's not good for either of us :( .
His key worker tells me to stick to my guns an keep with the disapline an that he knows what he's doing which I know as he knows how to press ur buttons.

Am I doing this wright stupid question I know

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