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My daughter will be 10 in two weeks. She has the rosebud breasts and we've talked about menstruation so much she's probably a pro and hasn't even started. I've done that because she's in the 5th grade and I remember starting my own on the first day of school of the 5th grade. I wanted her to be ready, so we've had several talks. Anyway, school just started on the 29th, and the 6th graders are sporting cleavage to rival my D cups. Boys are definitely noticing. What do you tell your daughters about the inappropriate "grab" game? It hasn't happened to my daughter, but I don't want her to think it's acceptable, funny, or appropriate for boys to try to touch, grab, or kiss her, but I'm finding the topic more of a pain to approach than menstruating. S.O.S lol


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The same way you told her about strangers. No one is allowed to touch unless you GIVE PERMISSION, and a 10 YO shouldn't be giving anyone permission. If she is assaulted (yes, it is sexual assault), she needs to report it immediately to an adult, and also notify you, so that you can pursue appropriate action.
Any boys still playing this 'game' in this day and age have had some neglect in their upbringing, because this has been recognized as unacceptable behaviour for decades. Those young men need to be turned around before they end up in jail for worse assaults when they get older.

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