Developmental Delay or just a boy?

Olivia - posted on 11/01/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hey all my 19mth old is currently undergoing some investigations to see why he has some delays. He doesn't say anything other than mama and daddy. Babbles a lot and is very vocal with sounds etc.
rarely waves and doesn't point. He is playful and engages with toys and other children. Plays appropriately with toys. Has started loving books and puzzles. He's a very active busy boy.
Anyway my frustration lies where I have family and friends saying he's just a boy nothing is wrong with him he's very young. Then pediatrians disagree and say his communication is delayed and I think they are worried about ASD but haven't said it. Family and friends are making me feel guilty and as though I am setting unrealistic expectations but I am worried. I'm not so much worried about talking because I know that will come in time but more so the pointing and rarely waving. Did/does any one else's toddler not point? or have similar circumstances? Would love to hear experiences

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